I am super excited to now offer one-on-one online portrait editing workshops!

These workshops are your chance to showcase your work and receive guidance and support while learning about my approach and techniques in portrait making.

I will share my methods on portraiture, focusing on how to convey emotion, empathy, and connection, ultimately telling the story of your subjects. I will discuss technical aspects such as equipment, lighting, and composition, guiding you and offering insights into my work and practice.

The workshops can be tailored to your needs and will initially run for either: 2 hours or 4 hour sessions. Additionally, if you require more sessions, I am also opening up mentorship spots for further development of your work.

Here's what you can expect from the workshops:

1. Personalized Learning Experience: One-on-one sessions provide individualized attention and tailored guidance.

2. Guidance and Advice: Bring your own work, and I will provide invaluable feedback, tips, and techniques to elevate your portrait making and editing to the next level.

3. Master Editing Tools and Techniques: Learn the ins and outs of popular editing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and Flex Color, and discover advanced techniques to enhance your portraits, including color correction, retouching, and more.

4. Technical Insights: I will cover essential topics such as lighting techniques, composition, subject interaction, equipment recommendations, and beyond.

5. Editing and Sequencing: Editing work is crucial. Together, we will narrow down and select your best images. This is one of the most important parts of being a portrait photographer, and gaining insights and advice from the photography community can be invaluable.

BONUS: I will also be offering tips on how to get your work out into the photography world. I will be sharing the best competions to enter and help you with your submissions AND I will also share with you my own contacts - editors, galleries, magazines and newspapers.

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**Are you enrolled at college or university? I am offering a 30% student discount.**

Explore the power of visual storytelling through the use of photography and creative writing. Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand, I offer workshops to schools at a desired duration of your choice. 

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Street Portraiture Workshop with Curtis Hughes

October the 15th 2023 - 2pm until 6pm

Where: Meeting point to be confirmed

What do you need: a film or digital camera. Tripod is optional

When: Sunday 15th October, at 2 pm

Please note: The workshop will be pilot and will be held in English. Date could change to the 14th October depending on the weather.

The workshop will be based on the aspects of portraiture as we take to the streets of Berlin.

I will be sharing some of my methods and techniques on street portraiture and how to convey emotion and tell the story of your subjects. I will discuss my own process, guiding you and giving you insights into my work and practise.

The workshop will run for half a day and will consist of theory, the process of making portraits, feedback/critique and final presentations.

The initial in person workshop will span approximately 3-4 hours, and after this we will meet online for 2 more editing and presentations sessions. Here's what you can expect:

Introduction to street portraiture: An introduction into my own work and process, sharing my insights and approach to street portraiture.

Technical insights: Here I will be covering essential topics such as lighting, manual settings/camera settings such as shutter speed and f-stops, and composition to help you hone your photography skills.

Inspiration: I'll share my own inspirations and examples of portraiture to spark inspiration and creativity and give you a sense of the possibilities of portraiture.

Ethics and consent: We'll discuss the ethical considerations of street photography, including obtaining consent from subjects.

Shoot! We will then take to the streets of Berlin, working in teams to create street portraits.

Editing and sequencing: Editing work is important and gives us time to reflect and gather insights. Working alone and together we will work on narrowing down and selecting images which fit best together. I will provide 1 to 1 sessions with each participant.

Presentation of work: At the end, we will work as a team to showcase our work in the form of an online exhibition and or publication.

After this initial briefing, we'll take to the streets with our cameras. You're welcome to bring any camera, whether it's digital or analogue.

To make things interesting and also to give you a challenge, I will be introducing a game element to the workshop format. More details will follow on the day. There will be a maximum of 8 participants, which will be split into two teams. This collaborative approach will encourage us within a  group dynamic as we work together as a team to complete the game.

After the workshop, participants will select their favourite images and edit them at home. We'll reconvene twice again to review your edited selections and collaboratively create a small online exhibition and/or publication, showcasing the collective work from the workshop.

In order to apply for the workshop, please send me a short bio about yourself and your motivations to join the workshop. Please send this to -